Being able to begin your business is a very remarkable feat. However for a teenager to accomplish this feat while conceiving plans at an even earlier age is completely unheard of. Not for young business entrepreneur Hamish McClaren. This guy didn’t just start his business he also did what many others thought was unimaginable. The thing no one predicted for a teenage kid under the age of 16 to open up a business and it actually be successful over a decade later! The shocking is still trying to copied by millions of 15 year old teenagers worldwide! Yes it isn’t impossible but the requirement is opening a business while in high school. Most kids or teenagers in high school aren’t primarily focused in opening a business. “I want to open my own business”. The number gets even more staggering when you accept adult applications as well. This puts the number above the two billion person tally for those who want to open up there own successful and profitable business.

Starting at a Young Age

Hamish did things at an age when most kids wouldn’t dream of doing. The thing is most kids his age wouldn’t even want to dream about it or live it. Only because of work needed to be put with school occurring at the same time. Being able to do school have a social life and start a business is impossible to think if for most adults. Not only did Hamish think about it he did it too. By being one of the first teenagers to have a successful first business Hamish was able to do the unthinkable. He made his way with help and encouragement to I want to start my own business

New Beginnings

“I’m moving to Australia”, actual quotes from Hamish McClaren didn’t mean too much that the time considering what would become an extreme┬ádecision. The fact is that what the future held was greatly accomplished by a kid five years shy of elementary requirements. That is completely shocking in the business world. Most customers would probably think their being pranked or that the business is a joke being ran by someone so young. Hamish opened anyways and proved everyone wrong. Defying the odds meant everything to him and he wouldn’t t stop for anything. Many people thought the idea wouldn’t take on but when it did decided to be a valued client as well. Much has gone right Hamish through trial and error but until the trial is tried you can never succeed. Proving others wrong wasn’t the business Hamish intended to open but he opened that as well unknowingly at the time. Many nay sayers objected to a kid of his age being so good at his craft. Being the best goes with a lot of other factors as well. Never stopping keeps people pushing over the edge for stuff they need to to. Growing up is something that happened very quickly for the young Hamish. He was poised for success at the very young age. Being focused when others wasn’t kept him ahead of the pack and now and the age of twenty five seems ready to take things to whole other level. The business is projected to make another ten years if everything stays constant and possibly even longer! Lasting the test of time is the only thing that seems inevitable to a closure. Whenever that time will be Hamish McClaren‘s legacy will still be moving forward. This is amazing most people and economists believed. Loving your business makes people successful as well. Let’s get it was his motivation and never stopping kept him going..

Present Goals and Accomplishments

Ten years from the foundation of Hamish’s business has been nothing short of awesome. The present day is very bright for Hamish McClaren. The business savvy intellectual actually goes and does everything he has to enhance his business almost by himself. Slot of discipline went into the young mind of Hamish. Some say it was already there some he learned it but anyways he defied the odds and accomplished something most never have. There is still time to open your own business if you’re reading or hearing articles currently but the chances of them being successful over a ten year span isn’t easy. It usually takes the average entrepreneur two or three attempts at opening a business. Your first being a hit is something special. The following year is good as well but after seven or eight years it pretty much determines the credibility of you stance. McClaren can’t be stopped is the belief of most other competitors in the market. The belief is definitely warranted. Experience grows steadily with each and every passing day which is beneficial for both Hamish and his company and his clients. Hamish McClaren really proved anyone can achieve the unimaginable with a little dedication.