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Sending a Lot of Proposals? You Need This Quick Tip

In the business world, sending and receiving business proposals is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, this often leads to messy spreadsheets and documents that can be confusing to work with, especially when working with a team of people. Thankfully, there is one quick tip that can make spending an receiving proposals easier: using an all-in-one cloud proposal system.

You can usually run cloud proposal system right from your internet browser. They make negotiating and communicating with clients a breeze. Below is a more in-depth look at all-in-one proposal systems and why you may want to consider working them into your business.


Close Deals Instantly

When making a deal in the business world, you have to move fast. This means that the speed at which you can close a deal can make or break your business. With traditional proposal documents, you must have physical signatures from yourself and the other party. This can make things difficult because it means that you either both have to be in the same place at the same time or you have to send the proposal through the mail, which takes time. With cloud proposal software, you can seal the deal instantly with electronic signatures. There’s no more waiting for the mail to come or trying to set up a personal meeting.


Flexible Estimates

Estimates are never 100 percent accurate, but the more accurate they are, the more sound decisions you can make for your business. Cloud proposal software makes it easy to get better estimates thanks to its flexibility. These types of programs often allow you to factor in

  • optional line items,
  • discounts,
  • foreign currencies,
  • quantities, and
  • taxes.

Streamline With Team Support

Being able to get your whole team to work on a proposal is great for your business. It allows you to view the proposal from multiple angles and divisions within your company. However, getting your entire team together to go over a single proposal isn’t practical. That is, unless, you can easily get your proposal to all of your team members.

This is what cloud proposal software allows you to do. Your team members can access the proposal and comment on it from any device that can access the internet. This includes their computers, smartphones and tablet PCs. You can even assign permission levels so that some team members have more authority to change the proposal than others.


Proposal Analysis

All-in-one cloud proposal software also gives you access to analysis tools that you typically don’t have. This includes tools that can help you keep up with the effectiveness of your proposal as well as your sales. Some software, like that from, even provides the results in an easy-to-digest visual style. This makes the data received even easier for your entire team to understand.

Cloud proposal software takes full advantage of modern technology and uses it to streamline your proposal process. This gives you a faster turnaround and more hands-on approach. Don’t let your business fall victim to the way things used to be. Use this quick tip to evolve your proposal process, and watch how it helps your business expand.