5 Things Your Social Media Marketing Consultant Will Never Tell You

Charles Lubbat

Charles Lubbat

Social media is a vital part of marketing for any business in today’s digital age. Social media marketing is not designed to be done instead of traditional marketing. Nor does it have to be completely separate and apart from other marketing efforts. Instead, social media marketing should be done in conjunction with other marketing efforts for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Since social media is slightly different than other forms of marketing, companies sometimes bring in social media marketing consultants to help. If you’re considering doing just that for your business, here are 5 things a social media marketing consultant will never tell you.

  1. You know your business better than they do

Giving over your social media marketing to someone else, even if they are an expert at it, means giving up that aspect of your business in favor of someone else. That person might understand how to set your business up on social media. But realistically speaking, that person is probably not as invested in the business as you are. It’s not for a lack of caring. Just like other types of consultants, social media marketers have multiple clients and they each have different needs.

As a result, a social media marketer or digital marketing consultant won’t be able to make your company’s marketing efforts as personal as you can or recognize every relevant opportunity because they aren’t in the same industry.

  1. Social media is free to access but not to market

Setting up social media profiles and expanding on them does not require cash laid out to do so. But as the old adage goes, time is money, and social media takes time to perfect. It takes time to not only find the right words to put into a profile or post Plus, a strategy has to be developed in order to ensure the marketing is effective and targeting the right people. By the time you add up the total time spent in this process, it will add up to a significant chunk of money for your time or that of a consultant’s.

It’s also worth noting that social media is constantly evolving so it requires those involved in the business day to day to have some knowledge of how the platforms work. A consultant may advise of new or evolving trends but he or she won’t be on hand to constantly manage it.

  1. It takes time to see a return on investment

Return on investment or ROI is an important part of any type of marketing done online. But unlike these other types of marketing, it takes longer to get an ROI using social media. Getting a lot of followers for the various social media channels your company is on does not necessarily equate to a successful social media strategy.

Just like with other forms of digital marketing, the number of people who see your company posts are higher than those who actually have an interest in the brand—at first. But as time goes on, the quality of the followers increases with the right strategy. So patience is required.

  1. Quality Over Consistency

Consistency is a common thing that a digital marketing consultant may advise when it comes to engaging audiences. But making a post of high quality is even better than being consistent. Social media platforms like Facebook actually hide posts from people if the post is deemed uninteresting. Lots of posts that are not seen by people isn’t an effective strategy. Taking the time to create posts that are thoughtful while incorporating everything necessary to ensure maximum reach makes it count.

Social media at its heart is about connecting with people too. As with any type of marketing, creating a connection with the audience is important. In this type of marketing, people understand the difference between a sales pitch and a genuine attempt to connect. Crafting posts that actually do that go farther than many generic posts.

  1. There’s No Predictable Pattern of Success

A good social media marketing consultant usually has a process of how to generate sales that generates results but every business is different. So the definition of a successful social media marketing campaign varies depending on the client at hand. That’s why digital marketing consultants like Charles Lubbat place emphasis on brand consistent campaigns when working with clients that also generate growth. Charles Lubbat has also employed unorthodox methods to client campaigns in an effort to get them where they need to be.

Marketing on social media requires some level of knowledge, experience, and expertise. So hiring a consultant is a common practice. But the success of social media marking efforts do not hinge just on the consultant alone. Understand what you want to get out of working with a consultant and know your business before you attempt to hire one.

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